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Music Notes Set: Elegant Music Set, Black & White

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Music Notes Music Graphics Website Set Screenshot - music notes background set

Description of This Music Website Set

Music Notes Set: Elegant Music Set, Black and White has a black and white border music notes background and buttons with black 8th (eighth) notes and black trim. The border background has black 8th notes cascading down the entire length of the background, along with black trim. Buttons have black lettering and coordinating black 8th notes and trim. This music website set includes coordinating black rules, dividers, black 8th notes for the content area.

The screenshot above is provided as a sample of many possible layouts. See Coordinating Music Rules, Dividers for samples of rules.

Copyright graphic examplePlease note: The images within the ZIP files do NOT have the copyright marks covering them that you see in the screenshots, the size might be different, and the resolution quality is better than shown in these screenshots.

Coordinating Music Rules, Dividers

Black rules, dividers for Music Notes Set, Elegant Music Set, Black and White - screenshot

Colors Used in Example:

Black text and graphics (HTML): #000000 black 000000

White used for background color (HTML): #ffffff white ffffff


If you need buttons customized with specific text not shown here or if you would like a different font used, please contact Linkware Graphics. Adding text to the buttons with the same appearance, font and font size shown typically cost $5-$10 each, depending on the set. Changes to fonts, font sizes, or other alterations may mean all buttons in the set need to be remade to remain consistent with each other. These and other customizations are priced according to needs. Feel free to contact Linkware Graphics also for customized header graphics and other needs.

Please note that it is against the Music Images Terms of Use to alter these graphics, including adding your own graphic text.

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Important: you must agree to follow the Music Images Terms of Use. Otherwise don't download or use this set! Following the Music Images Terms of Use is absolutely required, which includes no alteration of images, credit links to Linkware Graphics Music Images, and other terms.

Downloading this set means that you agree to follow the Music Images Terms of Use. This set is provided in one downloadable ZIP file. Downloading instructions are provided if needed.

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