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SuperBladePro Presets

    You'll currently find over 100 free SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets for metal, glass, pastels, shiny metals and colors, muted tones, darker colors, and lots of patterns, textures, and a multitude of colors, such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, red, blue, burgundy, green, yellow, and much more.

    FlamingPear SuperBladePro graphics software plugin works for Macintosh and Windows, and it works with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro. The presets at this site should also work with SuperBladePro using Macintosh, Windows, Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Paint Shop Pro. Create beautiful Web graphics, use for graphic design projects for Web sites, for print graphics projects, and for a multitude of graphics needs and purposes using the SuperBladePro plugin. SuperBladePro is a great Adobe Photoshop plugin, Paint Shop Pro (PSP) plugin.

    Examples using SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets

    Made with Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets, Adobe Photoshop drop shadow, 1px inside stroke

    All of the linkware presets provided in this SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets section are for the SuperBladePro graphics plug-in by Flaming Pear Software, released September, 2000. Please review and follow the Terms of Use for using these presets. Important: SuperBladePro presets will NOT work with the regular (much older) BladePro plugin.

    Note: SuperBladePro is sometimes incorrectly spelled 'SuperBlade Pro' or 'Super BladePro' or even 'Super Blade Pro' - FlamingPear named it as all one word, though: 'SuperBladePro'.

    I welcome input, suggestions, comments, and link submission requests. Enjoy your visit.

    Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns
    Owner, Linkware Graphics

    About Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets Mallard Sky SuperBladePro Preset

    The images shown for each preset are examples of what each preset looks like for these particular sizes and image shapes. While many of them will work very well for text (such as the brass sample below to the right), you may need to slightly adjust your settings slightly for different shapes and sizes.

    Example using Blue Black Metal preset for SuperBladePro The “SuperBladePro” graphic sample to the right was made with the Blue Black Metal preset for SuperBladePro. No adjustments were made to the preset for this text sample. Only a small drop shadow and a 1px inside stroke were added with Adobe Photoshop.

    Please note:

    • These SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets will ONLY work with the newer SuperBladePro graphics software plug-in. They will NOT be recognized by the older BladePro graphics software plug-in.
    • All of these SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets use a white base color.
    • Note that you might need to slightly adjust the SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets for various text, shapes, or however you wish to use them. So if something doesn't look identical to the examples here at Linkware Graphics, try slight adjustments to the settings within the SuperBladePro interface. You can then save the preset with a new name within SuperBladePro for your specific needs to maintain the original preset file. This is true of any SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets, not just those here at Linkware Graphics.
    • See How to Download, Install SuperBladePro Presets for more information about downloading, installing, and using Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets with Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro.
    • In order to use Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets, you must agree to the Terms of Use for Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets.


    Terms of Use Overview:

    You may use Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets for non-commercial, personal use or for commercial use. Although not required, we always appreciate a credit link to Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets:

    These presets may not be used in any other collection, online, offline, or on a CD or other collection. The Linkware Graphics ( website owner, Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns website design and development, retains ownership and copyright and provides these presets for licensed use.

    Please read the Terms of Use for Linkware Graphics SuperBladePro Presets for full details.


    SuperBladePro Presets

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