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SuperBladePro Presets

Metal, Glass Presets - Flat, Page 2

Example using Pink Glass Flat SuperBladePro preset

Made with Pink Glass Flat preset, Adobe Photoshop drop shadow, 1px inside stroke

The Flat Metal or Glass SuperBladePro graphics software plugin presets section includes two pages of metal and glass SuperBladePro presets, including soft golden silver, copper, bronze, various shades of red, blue, green, pink, teal, and many more. Enjoy!

FlamingPear SuperBladePro graphics software plugin works with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro and for Macintosh and Windows - according to FlamingPear. Therefore, the SuperBladePro presets at this site should also work with the SuperBladePro plugin within Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro. I have personally tested and used them with several versions of Photoshop, including the latest Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Note: SuperBladePro is sometimes incorrectly spelled 'SuperBlade Pro' or 'Super BladePro' or even 'Super Blade Pro' - FlamingPear named it as all one word, though: 'SuperBladePro'.

Linkware Graphics welcomes suggestions, recommendations, comments.

Within Metal, Glass - Flat - SuperBladePro Graphics Software Plugin Presets:


SuperBladePro Presets

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