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All material at this Web site, such as text, images, markup, CSS, programming, TITLE tag content, META element tag content, and design, is copyright 1996-2021 to Linkware Graphics and its owner, Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns, and may not be reproduced elsewhere in any way without explicit written permission.

Framing anything from Linkware Graphics within another Web site is strictly prohibited, also known as “trapping” a site within another site's frames. The only permitted exception is, who links to Linkware Graphics and uses a top frame that is easily closed by the visitor.

It's OK to learn from elements of Linkware Graphics's HTML, CSS, programming, and content but the design and unique combination of images, colors, sizes, typography, and positioning is copyright 1996-2021 to Linkware Graphics and may not be reproduced or used anywhere else.

Regarding the text content, yes, copyrights do apply to the Web, too. Just like our teachers in school taught us, plagiarism is not acceptable, and it's against the law. That's true at Linkware Graphics, too.

You might think the Web is so big that you won't get found or caught, but don't be fooled by this common misconception. You can indeed get found and caught.


Linkware Graphics Music Images, SuperBladePro Presets Copyright Information

ALL Linkware Graphics Music Images and SuperBladePro Presets are owned and copyrighted by Linkware Graphics and Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns. Licensed use is provided as specified in the Terms of Use for each:



Use of anything from this Web site, in part or in whole, without specific written permission is copyright infringement, such as content, images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or framing any pages within another site (this list is representative, not all-inclusive). Offenders can and will be prosecuted.

For educators and students, book authors and publishers, contact Linkware Graphics about what you wish to use and the reason.

No exceptions.

Contact Linkware Graphics with your request if the above is agreeable.


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